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#18 code keeps track of exp(-tau) incorrectly? new nobody defect - etc critical
#23 model of hydrogen deficient nebula crashes due to convergence problems in eden solver assigned peter defect - convergence major
#41 very deep dusty model that does not conserve energy in the spectrum new nobody defect - etc major C13 branch
#47 problems with evaluating phycon.EnergyExcitation and EnergyIonization new nobody defect - etc major
#78 O I - H Ly beta fluorescence code is broken new nobody physics major
#112 description of emergent spectrum in Hazy 1 is incorrect new nobody defect - (web) documentation major c17.01 release
#115 aperture command does not alter spectrum produced by punch continuum command new nobody task major C13 branch
#116 aperture command changes line labels in punch continuum output new nobody defect - etc major C13 branch
#196 constant pressure model aborts due to excessive pressure convergence failures new nobody defect - convergence major
#226 regression due to generic convergence failure new defect - convergence major C13 branch
#308 problems in RT_line_fine_opacity() ? new nobody physics major
#388 incorrect comment for hydrogenic line labels new nobody defect - etc major
#85 add gas/grain drift in grain collisional physics new peter physics minor
#87 test Mie code accepted peter task minor
#101 get uncertainties of optimized parameters new peter enhancement minor C13 branch
#186 grid aborts due to element non-conservation new peter defect - convergence minor C13 branch
#194 determine the amount of hydrogen ionizing radiation absorbed by the grains new peter enhancement minor C13 branch
#225 error in input script results in obscure crash new nobody defect - failed assert minor C13 branch
#201 add ACH2 and BE refractive index data from Zubko new peter enhancement good to do C13 branch
#232 support accurate synthetic photometry new peter enhancement good to do
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