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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#221 compile grains fails with illegal extrapolation slope new defect - code aborts critical grains
#323 emit notes, cautions, warnings, as grain CX recombination becomes more important new defect - wrong answer critical C17_branch grains
#23 model of hydrogen deficient nebula crashes due to convergence problems in eden solver assigned defect - convergence major ionization convergence
#111 temperature instability accepted defect - FPE major C13 branch thermal convergence
#222 grain qheat convergence error in Leiden meeting XDR model new defect - convergence major grains
#80 FPE in grains assigned defect - FPE minor grains
#85 add gas/grain drift in grain collisional physics new physics minor grains
#87 test Mie code accepted task minor grains
#101 get uncertainties of optimized parameters new enhancement minor C13 branch optimizer
#186 grid aborts due to element non-conservation new defect - convergence minor C13 branch grains
#194 determine the amount of hydrogen ionizing radiation absorbed by the grains new enhancement minor C13 branch grains
#201 add ACH2 and BE refractive index data from Zubko new enhancement good to do C13 branch grains
#232 support accurate synthetic photometry new enhancement good to do output
#263 dust heating - photon absorption vs electron collisions new physics good to do grains
#410 use more descriptive names for parameters in SAVE XSPEC output assigned enhancement good to do C19_branch output
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