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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#62 print line optical depths needs to be cleaned up new nobody task minor
#71 model ions for F III and F IV new physics minor
#74 Lya maser blocked from inverting 21 cm new Gary J. Ferland physics minor
#80 FPE in grains assigned peter defect - FPE minor
#85 add gas/grain drift in grain collisional physics new peter physics minor
#87 test Mie code accepted peter task minor
#88 cosmic ray excitation of forbidden transitions new enhancement minor
#99 crash with non-conservation new nobody defect - convergence minor
#101 get uncertainties of optimized parameters new peter enhancement C13 branch minor
#104 sink terms in n-level atoms new nobody enhancement minor
#141 make number of LAMDA levels adjustable with command new enhancement database infrastructure minor
#150 atomic data for S II new enhancement minor
#186 grid aborts due to element non-conservation new peter defect - convergence C13 branch minor
#194 determine the amount of hydrogen ionizing radiation absorbed by the grains new peter enhancement C13 branch minor
#209 update N II effective recombination rate coefficients new nobody enhancement minor
#217 llvm 3.0 (tags/Apple/clang-211.12) (based on LLVM 3.0svn) segfault new nobody defect - FPE minor
#225 error in input script results in obscure crash new nobody defect - failed assert C13 branch minor
#337 atomic model for Mg I new nobody enhancement minor
#389 we do not report Inwd component of emergent intensities new nobody enhancement C19_branch minor
#406 Bowen O III and N III lines new nobody defect - wrong answer minor
#413 Hydrogen ionization not converged properly in first zone new defect - convergence C19_branch minor
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