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#8 fixed comp4 in trsuite programs crashes with memory access violation somebody anonymous

comp4 in tsuite / programs crashes on second sim due to memory access violation. due to number of species in the co system increasing from 95 to 98 on second simulation. grains turned on in second sim and so ices entered the network?

solutions are any of following? do not increase co species after malloc free after every iteration and alway malloc for curret set remalloc additional space if number of species increases

#149 fixed Newmole failed at hden=5.5 and Draine = 3. log nobody dquan

It can be seen from the output file that it has reached 20 failures due to a chemistry convergence problem.

#157 fixed Mpirun problem? nobody dquan

I was trying to run a hden grid from 1.7 to 9.7 in 0.5 dex step. T is fixed to 100K. I used mpirun and found the following three grid points (hden=4.2, 4.7, 5.2) were missing in .grd file. Gary ran the model in serial and the program aborted at hden=4.2 due to a negative density.

Strange thing is that although the mpirun main output file says at the three settings there is an error due to the negative density of NH3, there is no abortion reported and the program just went to the next setting.

This input ran ok in newmole branch (version r3949).

I attached the input file.

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