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#58 fixed "punch element" broken nobody Ryan Porter

Both of these commands in punch header only, no data:

punch element nitrogen last "blr_f92.nit"
punch element calcium last ""

#84 fixed A significant float/double issue in peter Ryan Porter

I just uncovered a fairly major issue on the trunk at r2757 that appears to have been introduced on the newsolvers branch. In r2538 you modified a number of input scripts to reflect new results on that branch (just before merging back onto the trunk in r2539). Most of the models only had a few changes. But had 15. Hbeta dropped by 20%. “Pa C” dropped nearly in half. “Fe2h” by nearly a factor of 3. Turns out most of those changes only happened in the default mixed-precision case. The double-precision case still basically gets the same answers it did before the newsolvers merge. I wonder if that might shed some light on the platform-dependent issues that had previously popped up.

#26 fixed Arithmetic exception in H2_LevelPops() nobody William Henney

After several hours, the attached model falls over with an fpe like this:

Starting program: /fs/pinga/other0/will/Cloudy/trunk/source/cloudy.exe < ../in/ > flow6_n35big.out

Program received signal SIGFPE, Arithmetic exception.
0x0000000000460175 in H2_LevelPops () at mole_h2.cpp:2351
2351                                            SDIV( H2_Boltzmann[0][iVib][iRo t] ) );
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