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#311 fixed fp exceptions with VS2013 full debug, trunk r9914 nobody Gary J. Ferland
orion_hii_pdr.out: crashed
pdr_HTT91.out: crashed
pdr_leiden_hack_v1.out: crashed
pdr_leiden_hack_v2.out: crashed
pdr_leiden_hack_v3.out: crashed
pdr_leiden_hack_v4.out: crashed
pdr_leiden_v1.out: crashed
pdr_leiden_v2.out: crashed
pdr_leiden_v3.out: crashed
pdr_leiden_v4.out: crashed
#310 fixed emergent line intensities are incorrect nobody peter

In C13.03 there are several problems with the emergent luminosities and line ratios predicted by the code. So far two issues have been found.

1 - When optimizing emergent line ratios, the intrinsic luminosity of the normalization line is used rather than the emergent luminosity.

2 - For some lines the intrinsic and emergent luminosity are identical.

Bug reported by Jim Smith.

#309 fixed line emissivity not zeroed when ion is trimmed off nobody peter

When an ion is trimmed away, the emissivities of the lines coming from that ion are not zeroed. This is a problem for the "save line emissivity" command since it keeps reading the emissivities and therefore keeps repeating the emissivity from the last zone where the ion was still active.

The simplest solution seems to be to zero all emissivities prior to starting a new zone in ZoneStart(), but this has not been tested for side effects. Applying this fix had the surprising result that the reported pressure changed significantly in the output. With the attached input script, the radiation pressure in the first zone of the first iteration changed from P(Radtn) 7.58e-11 in the output posted by Janet to P(Radtn) 3.95e-09 in the patched output.

Problem reported by Janet Simpson.

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