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#393 fixed Blnd equivalents of 6lev lines in c13 are missing nobody peter

In c17 the 6lev lines were removed. We also made sure that enough levels were included in the stout O I model to capture the Ly beta fluorescence. However, currently this mechanism is broken (see #78).

The 6lev lines gave predictions for full multiplets, while stout resolves all the multiplets into individual lines. For backward compatibility we should add Blnd entries for multiplets that correspond to the old 6lev entries in c13.

#391 fixed do not use C as a comment character peter Gary J. Ferland

see the extensive discussion on both user groups, and Peter recommended solution

#388 fixed incorrect comment for hydrogenic line labels nobody peter

Cloudy generates incorrect comments for hydrogenic line labels. If you run:

save line labels "label.txt"

the file label.txt will contain this entry

3672 H 1 6562.81A H-like, 2 5, 2^2S - 3^2P

This is incorrect as this line contains all fine-structure components of the n = 3 -> 2 transition in H I, not just 3^2P -> 2^2S. This is just one example of many.

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