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#378 fixed md5 sums do not appear to work nobody Gary J. Ferland

I have done two tests to check the behavior of the md5 checksums. First was a checkout of the tag for c17 rc1, on cloud9. Marios and I did several changes to the data files and no comment was generated. I also tried this on a Mac with same result. We edited the stout masterlist and changed one of the stout atomic data files.

#367 fixed crash in prt_comment.cpp nobody peter

Nick Abel found that the attached sim crashes on an FP exception with the trunk@11275. Closer inspection revealed that the culprit is this line in prt_comment.cpp:

differ = fabs(1.-iso_sp[ipH_LIKE][nelem].trans(ipH3p,ipH2s).Emis().TauIn()* rt.DoubleTau/iso_sp[ipH_LIKE][nelem].trans(ipH3p,ipH2s).Emis().TauTot())*100.;

since iso_sp[ipH_LIKE][nelem].trans(ipH3p,ipH2s).Emis().TauTot() is zero.

Replacing the "case B" command with "database H-like Lyman pumping off" seems to make the bug go away, so this command maybe the culprit. But then, this bug seems to be quite sensitive to details in the input script, so that may be a coincidence too.

The sim crashes at the end of the first grid point. It takes a few minutes to get there.

#360 fixed H I rydberg level populations nobody Gary J. Ferland

This is to open a discussion with results for the problem with the departure coefficients in the highest levels. The attached sim is the baseline model.

Tests reveal the following: Honly - b at the highest n, 90, is 9.9 H He only = 6.5 all elements = 3.3

photoionization is much closer to one than collisional ionization. This should not matter for such highly ionized gas. H onlyl Photo T=5 b=5.7 coronal T=5, b =9.9

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