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#348 invalid NCPU option only on grid command, not in optimizer nobody Gary J. Ferland

The grid command accepts an NCPU option to limit the number of CPUs employed in a run. This option is needed to prevent using more than the physical memory in a machine, which causes thrashing and VERY long exec times.

This option is not present on the optimizer commands. An IUCAA group was not able to do optimized calculations with their laptops due to memory limitations.

#347 fixed save line list segfaults if wrong comment character used nobody Gary J. Ferland

the attached will segfault quickly. The problem is that it uses % as a comment character rather than #.

Best would be to accept the same comment characters as the rest of the code. This is described in Hazy1 3.2.10 and coded at input.cpp:42.

if we only want to # then we should trap the user mistake and give a helpful comment.

#346 worksforme radius vary option does not take parsec key, does it take linear? nobody Gary J. Ferland

The vary option does not accept the parsec option when vary (optimizer or grid) is used. Does it take linear?

best would be to accept these keys, or at least document that we do not.

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