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#335 fixed poorly formated line list causes segfault nobody Gary J. Ferland

The following causes a segfault:

save line list "test.lin" "linelist_h.old"

 # new linefile
 H  1 6562.85A
 Ca B 6562.85A

The linelist file has a leading space, a common error when lines are copy/pated from the output.

The segfault:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x000000000040ec28 in t_LineSave::wavelength (this=0x128cc60 <LineSave>,
    index=4575657221408423936) at ../lines.h:146
146			return m_wavelength[index];
Missing separate debuginfos, use: debuginfo-install glibc-2.17-78.el7.x86_64 libgcc-4.8.3-9.el7.x86_64 libstdc++-4.8.3-9.el7.x86_64

(gdb) print index
$1 = 4575657221408423936

The array index is way too large. We need to detect and exit gracefully from this user input format error.

#333 fixed how to better identify lines - include upper and lower index in line label nobody Gary J. Ferland

One of the groups at the Warsaw workshop was doing molecules in planetary nebulae. They were very interested in OH and wanted to use a pair of lines that have some diagnostic value and which they had observed. Using the 2010 version of LAMDA these lines are:

46974    OH        17.9807c        OH
46979    OH        17.9807c        OH

that is - identical wavelengths. They had to give up on using that pair.

They could not even identify the transition within the OH model from the information we provide - the second OH is the line label.

It would help if the label included the upper and lower transition index in the stack of energy levels. The first integer is the index of the line in the line stack - which is another way to get to a line.

This problem is one we shall face more and more as we include ever larger line databases.

#331 fixed grain assert thrown peter Gary J. Ferland

The following sim throws an assert at the head of the trunk but worked in c13_branch

laser linear 0.6
intensity  -20 range  0.4412 to 1 Ryd
c must provide source of ionization for chemistry 
cosmic rays background 
c commands for density & abundances =========
hden 0
grains ism
c commands controlling geometry  =========
stop zone 1
set dr 0 
constant temperature 2000 

The assert:

 An assert has been thrown, this is bad.
 Failed: Ehs[i] > 0. && Ehs[i] <= Ehi[i]
 It happened in the file ../grains.cpp at line number 3898
 This is iteration 1, nzone 0, fzone 0.00, lgSearch=T.
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