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#324 wontfix indicate sputtering timescale peter Gary J. Ferland

We normally assume steady state but do not indicate sputtering timescales. We have this note from Peter:

Draine & Salpeter (1979) ApJ 231, 77 give a simple formula in Eq. 44.
tau = 2e4 yr / n_H * (a/0.01 micron)

We could add a test on this and, in the PRINT AGES report, say something safe like "a 0.01 micron grain would survive less than xxx years in this environment".

The above does not seem right - the Orion Nebula has n_H = 1e4 cm-3, so tau ~ 1 year, but there is hot dust??

#320 fixed update io use in programs nobody Gary J. Ferland

the test programs in tsuite / programs are built with the script which links into libcloudy.a

The programs now cannot compile do to this error:

collion/collion.cpp: In function 'int main()':
collion/collion.cpp:46:39: error: 'PLEASE_USE_open_data_NOT_fopen' was not declared in this scope
   if( (ioRES = fopen("collion.txt","w")) == NULL )

The user community would thank us for allowing C i/o in their programs. But lacking that, the programs need to be changed to compile and a readme created to explain what is happening and how to do science with the code.

#319 fixed tsuite/programs don't work nobody rjrw
$ ./ 
$(DEFCXX) -ansi -O3 -ftrapping-math -fno-math-errno -Wall -W -g collcool.cpp -o collcool.exe -I../../../source -L../../../source/ -lcloudy
sh: DEFCXX: command not found
sh: -ansi: command not found
compilation done.
now execute collcool.exe


Running g++ by hand for a couple of spot-checks then fails due to use of fopen(). Should this really be disallowed for Cloudy client code?

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