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S II transition probabilities have inconsistent references

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two Froese Fischer papers published within a year of one another have discrepant values, NIST recommends the first paper, we use the second. Two emails from Bob Rubin follow:

the NIST recommendations, and their effects of density diagnostics: I changed these to those recommended in the new

"Critically Evaluated Atomic Transition Probabilities for Sulfur S I-S XV" Podobedova, L. I.; Kelleher, D. E.; Wiese, W. L. Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, Volume 38, Issue 2, pp. 171-439 (2009).

Surprisingly these made a significant difference in the derived N_e [S II] probably because the level 3 critical density at T_e = 9000 K is ~1000 cm-3 now. Before, we got N_e [S II] 1047 & with new A-values, dropped to 750 cm-3.

Bob's email on the differences:

Hi Gary,

You must mean:

20 2006ADNDT..92..607F

1.000 09/2006 A E C U Froese Fischer, Charlotte; Tachiev, Georgio; Irimia, Andrei Relativistic energy levels, lifetimes, and transition probabilities for the sodium-like to

argon-like sequences.

The recommended data cites original source:

24 2005PhyS...71..172I

1.000 01/2005 A E R C U Irimia, Andrei; Froese Fischer, Charlotte Breit Pauli Oscillator Strengths, Lifetimes and Einstein A Coefficients in Singly Ionized Sulphur


You would think that these should be same just published both places. However when I look at 2006, ADNDT, 92, 607 the table for S II looks messed up. For instance the wavelengths are WAY OFF 6531.42 and 6543.50! The A-values do NOT agree at all with those in 2005, PhyS, 71, 172

See p. 746

Multiplet Terms gi gk Type k (A# ) S fik Aki (sB1) Z = 16: P-like transition data 3p3-3p3 4So 2Do 4 4 E2 6543.50 5.830eB03 8.735eB13 1.361eB04 4 6 E2 6531.42 1.350eB02 2.034eB12 2.120eB04 4 4 M1 6543.50 2.449eB05 3.784eB12 5.895eB04 4 6 M1 6531.42 8.717eB07 1.349eB13 1.406eB05 3p3-3p3 4So 2Po 4 2 M1 4029.43 3.796eB04 9.524eB11 7.825eB02 4 4 M1 4024.47 1.881eB03 4.726eB10 1.946eB01 3p3-3s3p4 4So 4P 4 2 E1 1266.96 9.907e

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