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Ni inner shell atomic data

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K-shell photoionization of Nickel ions using R-matrix M.C. Witthoeft, M.A. Bautista, J. Garcia, T.R. Kallman, C. Mendoza, P. Palmeri, P. Quinet (Submitted on 15 Jul 2011)

We present R-matrix calculations of photoabsorption and photoionization cross sections across the K edge of the Li-like to Ca-like ions stages of Ni. Level-resolved, Breit-Pauli calculations were performed for the Li-like to Na-like stages. Term-resolved calculations, which include the mass-velocity and Darwin relativistic corrections, were performed for the Mg-like to Ca-like ion stages. This data set is extended up to Fe-like Ni using the distorted wave approximation as implemented by AUTOSTRUCTURE. The R-matrix calculations include the effects of radiative and Auger dampings by means of an optical potential. The damping processes affect the absorption resonances converging to the K thresholds causing them to display symmetric profiles of constant width that smear the otherwise sharp edge at the K-shell photoionization threshold. These data are important for the modeling of features found in photoionized plasmas.

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