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#259 new defect - failed assert

extinguish command leads to thrown assert

Reported by: mchatzikos Owned by: nobody
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Component: etc Version: trunk
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Description (last modified by rjrw)

                                            Cloudy (trunk, r7758:7759M, experimental)

                       *                                                                                 *
                       * init "honly.ini"                                                                *
                       * hden 0                                                                          *
                       * constant temperature 1000 K                                                     *
                       * blackbody 4e4 K ste                                                             *
                       * extinguish by a column of 23                                                    *
                       * stop zone 1                                                                     *
                       * set dr 0                                                                        *
                       *                                                                                 *

 NOTE The simulation is going into neutral gas but cosmic rays are not included.
 NOTE Ion-molecule chemistry will not occur without a source of ionization.
 NOTE The chemistry network may collapse deep in molecular regions.
 NOTE Consider adding galactic background cosmic rays with the COSMIC RAYS BACKGROUND command.
 NOTE You may be making a BIG mistake.

 NOTE Setcon: continuum has zero intensity starting at  1.0011e+00 Ryd.
     1 cells in the incident continuum have zero intensity.  Problems???

 NOTE There is no hydrogen-ionizing radiation.
 Was this intended?

           3685CellPeak1.00E-08   Lo 1.00e-08=910.79cm   Hi-Con:1.00E+00 Ryd   E(hi):7.35E+06Ryd     E(hi):     100.01 MeV
           I(nu>1ryd):   0.0000   Average nu:0.000E+00   I( X-ray):   0.0000   I(BalC):  14.5065     Phi(BalmrC):  25.4026
           phi(1.0-1.8): 0.0000   phi(1.8-4.0):  0.000   phi(4.0-20):  0.000   phi(20--):  0.000     Ion pht flx:0.000E+00
           I(gam ray):   0.0000   phi(gam r):   0.0000   I(Infred):  13.2875   Alf(ox):   0.0000     Total inten:  14.5320
           U(1.0----):0.000E+00   U(4.0----):0.000E+00   T(En-Den):3.500E+04   T(Comp):2.743E+04     nuJnu(912A):0.000E+00
           Occ(FarIR):2.525E+07   Occ(H n=6):8.636E+00   Occ(1Ryd):0.000E+00   Occ(4R):0.000E+00     Occ (Nu-hi):0.000E+00
           Tbr(FarIR):4.000E+04   Tbr(H n=6):3.785E+04   Tbr(1Ryd):0.000E+00   Tbr(4R):0.000E+00     Tbr (Nu-hi):0.000E+00

 An assert has been thrown, this is bad.
 Failed: conserve_scale > 0.0
 It happened in the file ion_solver.cpp at line number 923
 This is iteration 1, nzone 0, fzone 11.64, lgSearch=F.

          > Sorry, something bad has happened.      <
          > Please post this on the Cloudy web site <
          > discussion board at     <
          > Please send all following information:  <

 Cloudy version number is (trunk, r7758:7759M, experimental)
 Cloudy compiled on Jun 15 2013 in OS Linux (AMD64) using the g++ 40407 compiler. Mode I32LP64, denormalized float: T double: T.

    0 warnings,  0 cautions,  0 temperature failures.  Messages follow.
 Input commands follow:
c ======================
init "honly.ini"  
hden 0  
constant temperature 1000 K  
blackbody 4e4 K ste   
extinguish by a column of 23  
stop zone 1  
set dr 0  
c ======================
 This input stream included an init file.
 If this init file is not part of the standard Cloudy distribution
 then I will need a copy of it too.

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by rjrw

Description: modified (diff)

comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by rjrw

This issue is documented by a fixit() at ion_solver.cpp:909

// In old newmole, totscl was calculated before
// mole.sink terms are added into xmat, but those terms are now already done.
// the above hack takes care of that, but a cleaner solution is needed.

comment:3 Changed 5 years ago by Gary J. Ferland

I wonder if the assert is due to having NO source of H ionization. We should be able to handle this case - the H+ fraction should go to zero. We do handle this situation for the heavy elements.

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