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#284 new defect - convergence

pdr abort at r9134 with gcc 4.8

Reported by: Gary J. Ferland Owned by: nobody
Priority: major Milestone:
Component: thermal convergence Version: trunk
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 PROBLEM  ConvFail 19, Temp not converged itr 1 zone 618 fnzone 619.79 Te=4.6602e+01 Htot=6.997e-21 Ctot=7.539e-21 rel err=-7.744e-02 rel tol:5.000e-03
 PROBLEM  ConvFail 20, Temp not converged itr 1 zone 619 fnzone 620.82 Te=4.6602e+01 Htot=6.982e-21 Ctot=7.552e-21 rel err=-8.157e-02 rel tol:5.000e-03
 Stop due to excessive convergence failures - there have been 20 so far. 
 This limit can be reset with the FAILURES command.
 ConvFail sets lgAbort since nTotalFailures=20 is >= LimFail=20
 This limit can be reset with the FAILURES command.
 ####619  Te:4.660E+01 Hden:1.000E+05 Ne:1.565E+00 R:1.000E+30 R-R0:9.750E+16 dR:8.334E+13 NTR:183 Htot:6.982E-21 T912: 1.85e+04###
 Hydrogen      4.39e-04 1.98e-08 H+o/Hden 4.39e-04 1.44e-17 H-    H2 5.00e-01 3.73e-12 H2+ HeH+ 2.13e-17 Ho+ ColD 2.92e+21 1.46e+16
 Helium        1.00e+00 1.56e-07 6.02e-14 HeI 2s3S 3.60e-14 Comp H,C 1.77e-27 4.82e-29 Fill Fac 1.00e+00 Gam1/tot 7.45e-01

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comment:1 Changed 4 years ago by Gary J. Ferland

                       * TABLE ISM LOG 5.000000                                                          *
                       * HDEN=5.000000 LOG                                                               *
                       * extinguish 24, leakage = 0                                                      *
                       * stop temperature off                                                            *
                       * stop AV 10                                                                      *
                       * cosmic rays background                                                          *
                       * abundances ISM                                                                  *
                       * atom H2                                                                         *
                       * set H2 Jura rate -16.22                                                         *

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