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#384 new defect - wrong answer

continuum lowering problems

Reported by: Gary J. Ferland Owned by: nobody
Priority: major Milestone: C19_branch
Component: ionization convergence Version: trunk
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In the C17 review we had to disale continuum lowering for the ionization to go to the correct Saha slope at very high densities. This is unphysical. the current treatment of continuum lowering is incomplete since the collisional and photoionization rates need to be extended down to the lowered continuum.

I disabled continuum lowering as follows:

--- iso.cpp	(revision 11622)
+++ iso.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
 	for( long ipISO=ipH_LIKE; ipISO<NISO; ipISO++ )
 		/* option to disable continuum lowering */
-		lgContinuumLoweringEnabled[ipISO] = true;
+		lgContinuumLoweringEnabled[ipISO] = false;

 		/* flag set by compile he-like command, says to regenerate table of recombination coef */
 		lgCompileRecomb[ipISO] = false;

and the test suite was mostly clean but there problems in auto:

cloud9 auto:cat serious.txt
limit_lte_h_t50_coll.out:  BIG BOTCHED MONITORS!!!   Big Botched Monitors!!!
limit_lte_he1_nomole_ste.out:  W-Heating - cooling mismatch =3.41e+01%. What's wrong????
limit_lte_he1_nomole_ste_nocoll.out:  W-Heating - cooling mismatch =2.83e+01%. What's wrong????
 PROBLEM  ConvFail 1, Temp not converged itr 2 zone 0 fnzone 1.71 Te=4.9912e+04
 PROBLEM  ConvFail 2, Temp not converged itr 2 zone 0 fnzone 1.92 Te=5.0008e+04  PROBLEM  ConvFail 1, Temp not converged itr 2 zone 1 fnzone 4.33 Te=4.9955e+04
 ####  1  Te:4.995E+04 Hden:1.000E+01 Ne:3.292E+18 R:1.000E+30 R-R0:9.073E-12 dR

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