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collisional ionization rate coefficients update

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Dere A&A 466, 771, here has complete revision of rate coefficients for collisional ionization. The data are on line here

compare ionization distribution with


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this paper claims general formula with only a few terms Phys. Scr. 81 (2010) 045301 (12pp) doi:10.1088/0031-8949/81/04/045301 Generalized Kolbenstvedt model for electron impact ionization of the K-, L- and M-shell ions A K F Haque1, M Shahjahan1, M A Uddin1, M A R Patoary1, A K Basak1,

The recently proposed generalized Kolbenstvedt model (GKLV) of Haque et al (2007 Eur. Phys. J. D 42 203), for the electron impact ionization (EII) of atoms, was applied to a wide range of K-, L- and M-shell electrons of ionic targets from threshold to 1MeV incident energy. The set of species-independent parameters, two for each of the ionized orbits, is the same as that for neutral targets, and provides an excellent account of the EII cross-sectional data for 36 ions, including those belonging to Li, Be, B, C, N, O and Ne electronic sequences as well as those having 3s-, 3p- and 3d-configurations of the M-shell in a consistent manner. The performance of GKLV is found to be better than that of the modified version of the BELL model (Haque et al 2006 Phys. Rev. A 73 052703, Haque et al 2006 Phys. Scr. 74 377).

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got this from Roderick - need to incorporate these data and check ours vs theirs Gary

I noticed: Savin, Daniel Wolf; Bryans, P.; Badnell, N. R.; Gorczyca, T. W.; Laming, J. M.; Mitthumsiri, W. Updated Collisional Ionization Equilibrium Calculated for Optically Thin Plasmas

Do you know this work? Do they have anything that is not in cloudy yet? I dont see anything apart from the abstract on the web.


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