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O I - H Ly beta fluorescence code is broken

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The current treatment of the O I 1025A - H Ly beta fluorescence problem has been broken ever since line overlap is treated automatically in the fine opacity grid. The current treatment is in the routine atom_oi_calc() in source:trunk/source/atom_oi.cpp. The treatment is based on the Elitzur & Netzer (1985, ApJ, 291, 464) paper and uses line escape probabilities. These are not intended to be corrected for line overlap, as is now automatically done on the fine opacity grid. So this treatment needs to be modified. A fixit() statement have been added at source:trunk/source/atom_oi.cpp@2452#L39 referring to this problem.

This problem exists both on the trunk and c08_branch (as of r2449). On c08_branch an additional bug in the calculation of the H Ly beta escape probability exists, which has been fixed on the trunk by the combined patches r2429, r2433, r2434).

PS - There are parallels between this problem and the Bowen OIII fluorescence problem. In the latter case it appears that all the optical and near-UV pumped lines of OIII have been removed (at least I seem to remember that they were present in C84, but did not check this). The optical and near-UV lines of NIII are still present though. Should they have been removed as well? It seems odd that the NIII lines are present, but not the OIII lines.

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