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cosmic ray excitation of forbidden transitions

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for the electronic lines of H2 and ground-> excited transitions of the iso sequences we use simple scaling rules for permitted transitions to find the excitation cross section relative to Lya, then assume that the cosmic ray excitation rate is this ratio times the Lya CR excitation rate.

This is near lines 779 of mole_h2_create, where H2Lines[iElecHi][iVibHi][iRotHi][iElecLo][iVibLo][iRotLo].Coll.col_str is set, and near line 100 of iso_collide.cpp where secondaries.Hx12[ipISO][nelem][i] is set.

The scale factors are deduced from Shemansky, D.E., et al., 1985, ApJ, 296, 774 The scale factor is only correct for permitted transitions. It is orders of magnitude too small for forbidden transitions.

Put a floor on the smallest possible ratio???

this may affect HeI emission in cosmic ray ionized/excited regions.

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