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Notes on the 2014 meeting at Belfast

Time and Place

Arrive Sunday 2014 Nov 9. We will have two full days of discussion, Nov 10 & 11. We leave Wednesday Nov 12.

We have reserved David Bates Committee for the two days.

The David Bates Building is number 10 on this map. Francis said Queen's could provide coffee and tea for breaks - we should contact Jennifer McKee in early November to arrange this.


Gary Ferland, Marios Chatzikos, Peter van Hoof, Robin Williams, Romas Kisielius, and Sibasish Laha will attend.

Sibasish is Francis' postdoc working on porting external databases into Cloudy.

Some questions to discuss

  • Cloudy review paper for C15 release
  • Peter's suggestion to maintain a living document of all review papers.
  • Unit testing framework - what is it, what does it do, how can we use it?
  • Is there any way to accommodate LLVM?
  • Magic numbers in files
  • Database work by Sibasish, Romas, and Kanti?
  • Status spinning dust modeling. Inclusion in C15.
  • Discussion of open RT problems (radio free-free RT bug, the emergent spectrum in a closed geometry, a better description of the RT in Cloudy).
  • User interface for time-dependent evolution.
  • Printed output: parallel grid run time issues; optional parseable/tagged file structure (HTML/reStructuredText?).

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