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summary of two emails added

Countdown to next release

A to do page for the next release. These are specific tasks we should do.

The GoldVersionToDo page has the general steps for creating a gold version of the code.

Merge the Romas branch onto the trunk before creating c13_branch

Merge the optnl branch - only documentation and code changes to make atom xx-like agree with documentation.

There are the problems with BLR calculations. The most recent botches look likely to be symptomatic of this. I'm not sure we can plan to address them in any time-boxed fashion; the trunk is no worse than where c10 is in this regard, and better in a lot of other ways.

the changes to the grid command will need to be accepted de facto; otherwise re-implementing the associated bug fixes and documentation updates would be too time consuming -- putting them in a beta/release candidate may get some usability feedback on them from users 'outside the fence'.

Maybe we should plan to make the beta in one week, on the nice round October 15th? I could get in the escape probability fixes by then. Then make the release candidate Nov. 15 or Dec. 1, and release one or two months later? I very much like the idea of actually getting it out in the month of January.

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