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New in Next Release

This page summarizes all major changes and improvements to Cloudy that will be included in the next release. You may also view the HotFixes and KnownProblems pages, or return to the main RevisionHistory page.

New commands or options

Grain physics

Stellar grids and other SEDS

The built-in SEDs have been exported to external files located in the cloudy/data/SED directory. These are much easier to add or change since updates no longer require editing the C++ source. There is no change in the table name commands which use these SEDs files.

A new table SED "filename" command has been introduced. The SED will be read from filename, which may be located in the current directory or in cloudy/data/SED. The file can specify the SED in a number of ways, as described in Hazy1.

Improved physics and numerical methods

Enhancements for time-dependent cases

Other changes

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