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    6464The !PopStar grids are described in [ Molla et al. (2009)].
     66== Installing BPASS grids ==
     68The BPASS (Binary Population and Spectral Synthesis) stellar population synthesis models are available [ here]. We support importing the v2.0 grids that can be downloaded [ here] under the header "SEDs". The grids are available as tarballs for several different choices of the initial mass function. The tarball contains grids assuming either an instantaneous starburst of 1e6 Msol, or continuous star formation of 1 Msol/yr lasting 1e6 years. Each of these grids has separate models for single-star and binary-star evolution. Grids are available for a range of metallicities ranging from Z=0.001 to 0.040. The first step is to download one or more of the tarballs from the BPASS website. Next you run the script [] (make sure that the file has execute permission) as is shown below:
     71<download bpassv2-imf135-100.tar.gz from BPASS website>
     73chmod +x
     74tar xvfz bpassv2-imf135-100.tar.gz
     75cd BPASSv2_imf135_100
     79Note that the last command has to process lots of data and will take several minutes to complete. It will create four very large ascii files:
     88Here "burst" refers to the single starburst models and "cont" to the continuous star formation models as outlined above. Furthermore, "single" refers to the single-star evolution models and "binary" to the binary-star evolution models. The ascii files can be converted into binary files in the usual manner by starting Cloudy and typing
     91compile star "BPASSv2_imf135_100_burst_binary.ascii"
     94and similar for the other three files. After moving the binary files into the data directory, they can then be used in Cloudy. These are 2D grids allowing interpolation in age and metallicity. You can produce a mix of single and binary stars using e.g.:
     97table star "BPASSv2_imf135_100_cont_single.mod" 2e8 -1.8
     98intensity <xxx>
     99table star "BPASSv2_imf135_100_cont_binary.mod" 2e8 -1.8
     100intensity <yyy>
     103The code for calculating the grids is described in [ Eldridge & Stanway (2006)].
    66105== Installing your own grids ==